Chris Quinn workshop at The Willow Gallery in Oswestry

The Art of Blues Guitar

The Art of Blues Guitar with Chris Quinn

An 8 week course that opens the door to the art of playing acoustic blues. Learn the tricks to solo over the 12 bar blues progression in any key and how to lay down a solid blues rhythm to back up your voice or another musician. Study how blues guitar giants like Robert Johnson and Eric Clapton approached the blues and what gave them their authentic sound.

This course is designed to give you a more in depth understanding of:

  • The art of improvisation
  • The pentatonic and blues scales
  • Understanding major, minor and 12 bar blues progressions
  • Great “stock” blues turnarounds, licks and solos
  • Learning to play by ear so you can easily fit into any jam session
  • Study and learn some all time classic blues tracks.

Each 60 minute weekly session is accompanied by music sheet handouts and online video tutorials and jam tracks to recap the important stuff in your own time. Just a basic knowledge of guitar chords is needed for this course.

Monday 4th May to 22nd June

8 weekly sessions

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