Tai Chi and Qigong with David Bannister

Tai Chi and Qigong


14th September-19th October 2018

Fridays 1.30pm-3pm

For 6 sessions

£45 –Book Your Place Now

David has been involved in Far Eastern  philosophies and practices since his early adult years. On moving to Mid Wales he began he studies and practice in Tai Chi and Qigong with Alan Jefferies at the White Crane Academy. Encouraged to begin his own classes, David is now instructing in Yang and Chen styles of Tai Chi and various forms of Qigong.

Tai Chi is a Chinese exercise system practiced by millions of people across the world. Originally developed as a highly effective martial art it is now practiced by people of all ages, for a wide range of reasons including martial art, a gentle exercise for those with physical limitations, a body/mind system with meditative qualities and a method of self-cultivation.