Summer Open Exhibition

Summer Open Exhibition

Saturday 8th July – Saturday 12th August


Our annual exhibition showcasing a collection of our regular artists and new talent covering a wide range of media and subjects. From atmospheric bold landscape paintings to intricate figurative mono prints, our summer exhibition highlights the breath of contemporary artists working in our region.






David Bannister

David has a love of travel and in recording the experience, the places and the people. However, the landscape and coast of Wales inspires me him the most and is a backdrop to exploring spiritual and contemporary themes.

His recent work is motivated by the landscape and the forces of nature that are ever present in the hills of Mid Wales. It inspires exploration of the boundary between the land and the sky, the history and spirit of the land and Man’s intervention.”


Leo Donaghy

​Leo’s painting is informed by everything that in some way provokes the senses. He expresses this by drawing and sketching small thumb nails. He then likes to ‘grow the work’ in scale. In some cases a word, or a split-second thought while reading, is conveyed into paintings. Leo is never really sure how these ‘fleeting moments’ are going to be expressed in his work until he starts to put paint to canvas.



Harry Brioche

From an early age Harry was captivated by the drama and beauty of the atmospheric ever changing British sky and landscape, which was in sharp contrast to that of the Seychelles. This inspiration at such an early age was and continues to be ever present in his painting.

However Harry states; “The landscape is almost incidental, my main objectives are to try and capture the atmosphere and ‘spirit’ of a place. Ultimately it is the mood and light within the painting which becomes the central theme. As an artist I paint subjects that inspire me, and bring me, and hopefully others pleasure.”