Summer Open 2019

Summer Open 2019

6th July – 24th August

Summer Open Exhibition
Earth, Air, Fire & Water

‘EARTH, AIR, FIRE & WATER’ Exhibition – 6 July – 24 Aug

Soil Degradation, Air Pollution, Global Warming & Water Poisoning are all having devastating effect on the Earth’s biodiversity as well as a serious impact on human health and well being.

This poignant exhibition aims to raise awareness, through art, of environmental issues and the damage that consumer culture is causing to the natural world. We therefore encourage artists to create thought-provoking and innovative works that address many of the issues affecting our Planet Earth and the incredible unique diversity of the life it currently supports.

Entries in all media including sculpture, painting, print, textiles, mixed media, photography & digital media/animation are encouraged.

For an entry pack and further information please contact the Willow Gallery.

Contact the gallery for an application pack.

Featured Artists

Christine Davies

Recently the inspiration for my artwork has been driven by the natural World. I think that art is a powerful medium to draw attention to the harm humans are doing to the planet  I want to make people realise that the planet doesn’t just belong to us, that we have to share it with all living creatures and that we need to change the way we live out lives so that we live in harmony with the Earth. That we can not keep using up many of the Earths natural resources, allowing animal and plant habitats to be destroyed, allowing endangered animals to be killed.

    This painting ‘Polar Bear- It’s Our Planet Too‘ is linked to Water showing the polar bear surrounded by the sea. This is to make the point that the ice is melting in the Arctic Circle at an increasing rate and polar bears are finding it harder to survive. I wanted the polar bear to be expressive so try and link to the viewer. The painting is done in acrylic on board with underpainting and then layers of wash overlay to create the water.

Debra Warne

I love nature, animals and colour and that is reflected in my work. My paintings tend to be bright and happy, because that is how I feel.