Spring Open Exhibition

Spring Open Exhibition

Saturday 22nd April – Saturday 27th May

Pumed Gainc – A Fifth Branch

An intriguing and diverse exhibition drawing inspiration from the ancient mystical Welsh folk tales, the four branches, interlinked tales, of the Mabinogi and the sense that there is a missing ‘Fifth Branch’ of ancient tales not handed down and now lost. This fascinating exhibition explores the themes of the tales, their contemporaneity and relevance today, the human temperament remains little changed.  
On special tour from Aberystwyth Arts Centre and celebrating the creativity of Ceredigion, a group of artists, forming the informal collective ‘Aberystwyth Illustrators’ are represented, including Jacob Whittaker, Lizzie Spikes, Maria Hayes, Naomi Heath, Patricia Moffett, Peter Stevenson, Ruth Jên Evans, Sarah Byfield, Saoirse Morgan, Sian Bowman, Teresa Jenellen, Tereska Shepherd and Veronika Derkova. This exhibition for everyone features film, sculpture, paper cutting, printmaking, painting, collage, installation art and wine …

The Feisty Felters are an established group of around 20 feltmakers based in Shropshire and the borders. They have a contemporary approach, come from a variety of backgrounds in art and textiles and meet to share and exchange skills. Their work ranges from the fine and intricate to the bold and chunky, with lots of colour. Members of the group have developed a wide range of felt-making skills encompassing 3-dimensional and garment-making to 2-dimensional abstract and representational work. They exhibit to showcase and sell work in the Shropshire, Herefordshire and Mid-Wales. The start-off point for most of the pieces in this collection was “Structure”. As usual, each person has developed this in their own way according to their own interests and often finished a long way from the starting point.


Featuring artwork by local and nationally renowned artists:
Ronald Moore captures in oil the gorgeous landscapes of the Welsh borders, but also explores urban landscape. His work is held in many private collections in the UK, New York, Australia and a major royal collection.
Erica Herbert paints mostly still life: Matisse, Bonnard and the Scottish Colourists are amongst her influences. Textile artist Lesley Smith creates flora and also solid blocks of rich colours using appliqué and quilting techniques. Sheila J creates beautiful embroidery inspired by flowers and foliage, using both hand and machine stitching.
Compare and contrast the work of contemporary young artists Aaron Scott Templeman and Luke Crump, both with a graphic design background. Aaron revisits Alice in Wonderland in ‘The Maddest Tea Party’; Luke is driven by the natural world, wildlife and the environment.
Also featured are watercolours by Mo Denye whose studio ‘is the landscape itself’. Stuart McKay, a recent arrival from South Africa, is becoming known for his expressive landscapes of intense colour and light. Llansilin artist, Sara John has a collection of delicate pencil drawings. Judith Samuel is an artist living in North Wales whose paintings are based on the sea, the beach, the subtle light over the sea, and the seabirds who fly there.
All exhibited works are for sale unless otherwise indicated by the artist. The exhibition will run until Saturday May 27.