“Reflecting Fridas” by Ana Maria Lines


“Reflecting Fridas ”  by  Ana Maria Lines

Live Performance
Saturday 3rd November
Show : 7.30pm – 8.30pm (Doors 7pm)
£10 (For ages 15 plus)

The life and work of the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo are the inspiration for the show  “Reflecting Fridas”, created and performed by Brazilian storyteller Ana Maria Lines. Frida’s soul echos in many of us. Frida’s diversities, love, injuries, suffering were the subject for her work  An unique life, an exceptional woman.

“Ana Lines’ one- woman Frida Kahlo show is a tour de force. Everything works, from her charming storytelling style to the brilliant narrative structure of the show which allows her to interweave 3 folktales into Frida’s extraordinary life story.