Painting Portraits in Acrylics with David Bannister


Painting Portraits in Acrylics with David Bannister
Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th April
10am to 4pm each day

Using keen observation and basic drawing skills you will create a portrait with likeness and expression in acrylic paint. You will learn how to mix colours and experiment with applying acrylic paints and mediums using a variety of methods and techniques.

Everyone from beginners to more advanced artists are welcome. You will receive plenty of guidance and friendly feedback.

Materials required: A standing easel to accommodate an A2 sized canvas or canvas board . An A2 stretched canvas or board, a variety of different sized bristle and hair brushes, acrylic paints, palette knife or scraper, palette (or equivalent), rags. Please bring old clothes or an apron to wear. Other painting mediums will also be provided by the tutor.

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