Gesture and portrait with David Bannister.


Gesture and portrait with David Bannister.
Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd Nov.
10am to 4pm each day

Most artists don’t really think about gesture when it comes to portrait painting and yet it is the missing ingredient in many a portrait. As well as using all the typical portrait drawing techniques to create a well executed drawing and painting, gesture is equally important. It could be the angle of the head on the shoulders or the way the hair lies across the forehead- this can be very subtle.Making gestural lines and marks and initially working quickly, you will create a lively portrait with likeness and life.

A2 or A3 canvas board. Please bring 2 or 3 boards.
Standing easel if you have one.Drawing board. Larger than A2 Masking tape, Willow charcoal, Kneaded eraser (putty eraser) Acrylic paints. Brushes. Large to small. Palette knife
Working clothes to wear.