Barbecued Husbands – Live Performance with Ana Lines


Barbecued Husbands – Live Performance with Ana Lines

Saturday May 11th, 7pm

Tickets £8

”We all know that the magic of storytelling is that it can take us to far-away places and times. But another magic is that it can wonderfully immerse us in cultures very different from our own, and mythical situations beyond imagination. So it is with Ana Lines’ ‘Barbecued Husbands’, tales of the Brazilian jungle collected by anthropologist Betty Midlin.

The tales are told by Ana with verve and style. Facial expression, gesture and body language subtly and beautifully colour each tale. In a moment we are with Ana in a different world. Drums beat, shell beads shake, word pictures carry us effortlessly to a land where all is different. Ana’s storytelling is stylish, professional, and well-judged, and through it we are lost in another world. Wonderful!”