Photography with Rob Fris

Photography with Rob Fris

A beginners’ course on how to approach taking good photographs with a digital SLR camera. The course begins with an illustrated, fascinating explanation of how light and lenses work, showing how you can exploit them with your camera.

With plenty of opportunity to practise with support and guidance, the course then covers:

  • Description of the digital SLR camera, its features, controls and terminology
  • General setting up of the camera
  • Concentrating on using the camera in manual mode: practising focusing, control of depth of field, adjusting ISO rating, using metering and setting exposure, with review of photographs taken
  • Useful tips including what lenses to use and how to use zoom
  • Composition of shots for still and moving subjects
  • Explanation of resolution, colour balance, colour saturation, gamut and (electronic) noise
  • Basic portrait photography using available light and flash
  • Assignments and peer reviews

2-day Workshop: Saturday 25th July & Saturday 1st August (10am – 4pm)

£55  –  students will need their own digital camera

Please contact The Willow Gallery for further details including the address of Rob Fris’s studio where this workshop is being taught.