Vibrant Oil Colour Painting with Leo Donaghy

Vibrant Oil Colour Painting with Leo Donaghy
2 Thursday Sessions, 18th & 25th April,
10am – 4pm
Price £90 for two full days

Limited spaces available – please contact the gallery

On the theme of Peter Doigs paintings the course aims to emulate his work using our own ideas, that is sketches, photos, things or places that speak to us in some way.
Working from our records and memory bank,  and with the inspiration of another we can build up a new type of painting. Hopefully, something that takes out of our comfort zone and inspires us for the future.
Equipment List
Oil paints either water or oil based.
A selection of brushes
Rags and tissues
A palette of sorts for mixing
A couple of canvases ( sizes that suit you or perhaps a size that will push the boundaries a little)
*** low odour spirit***
Zest it or Gamblin. Turps and household  spirits are not suitable because of the closed space.