Perspective Workshop at The Willow Gallery

Perspective Drawing

The Willow Gallery presents:
Perspective Drawing with Malcolm Hague

Starting Saturday 10th October 2015

10am to 4pm

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Many very capable students, become very worried when confronted with perspective.Yet ‘getting it right’, is not difficult and can transform and improve your drawings and paintings. This workshop is designed to help new learners and established artists to understand and apply this fascinating and important aspect of art.

The workshop will comprise of a number of straightforward tasks, which will help you to understand the basic rules of perspective. You will be guided through this minefield in easy stages and you will learn how to apply the rules of perspective in your drawings produced in the session.

You will be introduced to very simple measuring systems used by artists throughout history.

We will apply theories of one point, two point and three point perspectives, in workshop activities, throughout the day.

You will use perspective understanding in a range of compositional drawings, using a number of drawing and measuring techniques.