Painting with Words 2020

Painting with Words 2020

14th March – 2nd May
Preview Evening Friday 13th March. 6pm. All welcome

An open exhibition celebrating the influence and inspiration of literature and language on the visual arts.
We encourage Artists to explore this interesting and inspiring topic in a broad range of styles, materials and interpretations.


Reclaimed Words, work by Judith Harrison, Sara Piper Heap, Bob knowles & Maggie Furmanek

Four local artists tackle the subject ‘Reclaimed Words’ in their own individual ways.

Judith Harrison (Reclaimed Words)

Words invariably feature in my work although often partially hidden as  part of the background. In this work they have become more important and obvious (mostly) and are combined with objects, artefacts and frames which have been reclaimed in some way.

Maggie Furmanek (Reclaimed Words)

Sara Piper Heap

Language is breathtaking. When my breath is taken by a lyric, a quote or a passing statement, you’ll hear me say “ l’m having that!” It’s at that point that I’m claiming those words for my artwork. The ideas flow easily and the joy of making begins.

Jan Wallis
Forestall Treefall

There will be a performance of  FORESTALL TREEFALL at Willow Gallery on Saturday 25th April at 3pm. 
The artist/performer will be using artworks from her exhibition at the gallery as props and costumes for the performance. 
This is a free event. All welcome. 
Doors open at 2.30 for a 3pm start

Picture Makers

This is work by a collective of 15 visual artists from mid Wales.

The styles vary from figurative to abstract and since 2006, the group has held over 40 exhibitions.

Rosemary Fahimi (Picture Makers)

The corner of the sheep shed is used to store an assortment of buckets, fence posts, bits of zinc and a collection of string, barbed wire and other bits and pieces.

This was how the subject of my ‘Changing Landscapes’, ‘Vermin Control’, was conceived.  Watching the farm cat try to outwit the resident mice hidden behind the buckets, gave life to an otherwise ordinary corner.

Reg Turrell

Sarah Fountain

A collection of illustration.