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Mixed Media Painting: Collage to Distraction with Peter Monaghan

Mixed Media Painting: Collage to Distraction with Peter Monaghan

Sunday 25th November

10am to 4pm

Cost   £55 – Fully Booked

In this course we will look at ways of moving away from a direct representational painting towards an abstracted image, without ever actually arriving in pure abstraction. We will learn ways of collaging to distract and detract from the obvious; helping us to create paintings with more depth and sophistication.

Working in acrylic on board or canvas we’ll use corrugated cardboard, takeaway coffee cups, newsprint, bubble wrap and a plethora of other everyday materials that will initiate fresh ideas taking our work off on unsuspected tangents.

List of Materials

Plywood Panels or canvas (MDF or Plywood 4mm) prepared with Gesso, No smaller than 40 x 40cm.(boards will be available to buy on the day)
Acrylic paints
Acrylic gel or modelling paste (for sticking collage).
Brushes, I prefer flat brushes with nylon bristles (2cm up to 10cm wide)
Crayon -water mixable (CaranD’ache Neocolor II, or similar) or charcoal for drawing
Palette knife and/or plastic shapers
Craft knife and scissors
Items to collage: Old maps, newspapers, cardboard, takeaway cardboard coffee cups.