Mabon at The Willow Gallery

Jamie Smith’s MABON

Jamie Smith’s MABON

Wednesday 2nd March 2016: 8:00pm (doors open 7:00pm)

£12 (Children £6)

Please telephone the gallery for tickets due to limited availability.

Jamie Smith’s MABON are Wales’ finest purveyors of original InterCeltic music.

As comfortable on a world music stage as in a folk setting, theirs is a music that travels beyond borders to explore the forms and styles of the Celtic traditions and work them anew. Through songs and melodies, from thoughtful lyrics to joyful jigs, graceful mazurkas to ecstatic muñera, here is a band that can take you on an emotional journey.

More than just a show, more than inspired composition and skilful arrangement, you can expect to witness the joy of creating music expressed in dynamic, virtuosic performance.