Festive Arts and Crafts

Winter Open Exhibition

17th November – 12th January

Featuring Shropshire Guild of Contemporary Craft

The Shropshire Guild of Contemporary Craft is a highly talented group of designer makers who each combine traditional skills and modern techniques to create works of exceptional quality. The Guild will be exhibiting a wide range of work including stained glass, ceramics, furniture, jewellery, weaving and textiles.


Exhibiting Artists


Susan Mulcock

Susan ‘paints with wool’ to make felted landscape pictures, taking inspiration from local landscapes: woodlands, waterfalls, wild moors and mountains.












Alison Holt

“Textiles has been my passion for many years. I aim to make a connection with people through my work, to transport them to a place and a moment in time: and to feel the calmness and serenity in each piece. I am inspired by the detail in nature, the patterns, rhythms and textures. I want to create an emotional response to the landscape that is important to me.”


George Lennon Davies

George’s passion for wildlife, the great outdoors and conservation lies at the heart of his painting, with his chosen subjects most often to be found in the natural world. George enjoys the challenge of painting outdoors and the looser and spontaneous work this creates, and mixes this with more detailed pieces prepared from compositional sketches drawn from life, memory and his photographs. He enjoys this creative process from the initial idea to the final painting. George attends school in Chester and is currently in year 10.



Judy Roberts

After many year in the Middle East where Judy was a well established artist she had returned to the UK and continues to create and paint basing her subject matter on her love for animals and the environment.


Alan Palmer

Alan A. Palmer is a sculptor and painter living in the east of Wales. He taught art for many years in Shropshire and has now devoted himself to sculpting, drawing and painting.


Debra Warne

I love nature, animals and colour and that is reflected in my work. My paintings tend to be bright and happy, because that is how I feel.


Christian Lancaster

My name is Christian Lancaster, I was born in Chester in 1973 and lived there until recently moving to Northophall in North Wales with my wife and 3 girls. I am a time severed Mechanical Engineer and currently pursue this discipline as my day job. However my true passion is in Wildlife wood carving.

I started carving eight years ago, mainly whilst fishing from my boat. This has turned out to be the best start, as I had to make do with the tools I happened to take with me. So I learned to carve my sculptures using only blades, chisels and free hand. As a result I do not use power tools. My painting is also free hand using acrylic paint.

My father was a landscape artist and my granddad painted theatrical sets and murals in private houses. Although my father did try to pass on his enthusiasm in art to me, I wasn’t interested at the time, but at the age of thirty eight, as if a switch had been flicked, my father’s enthusiasm took a hold and I could think of nothing but art and nature. One way or another I have to create daily, be it either in wood or in my other passion which is poetry.

The wood I use is English lime wood, sourced from several reputable managed estate forestry wood dealers and land owners. I only use wind damaged lime that is kept and seasoned especially for my carvings.

Many of my sculptures are born from memories or siting of certain animals. I can honestly say every single sculpture I have carved, has been created with love, passion and a deep respect for the subject I have tried to carve.

My main goal in carving is to bring the beauty of nature into as many people’s homes and in the fore front of their minds as I can in my carving career.












Sophia Shaw

Personal work inspired by nature, everyday life and scenes that I see or beautiful buildings and places which inspire me. All of my work is hand-painted with a combination of pen, pencil, watercolours, gouache paint and acrylic ink. I scan my work and sometimes edit on the computer. Intricate detail and ‘hidden gems’ are my specialities- you have to get up close to my paintings or you will miss something!


Holly Hayward

The series “Every lamp tells a story” reflects my attempts to share the memories of local ex miners and to follow each story through to the following generations. It is a continuous project, there is a wealth of unknown knowledge to share. The variety of characters I am meeting, warrants for a constant change of palette according to narrative and totally suits my need for progression and discovery.












Tessa Parry

“The context of my art exposes this loss of control within our individual minds, and it increases the awareness to establish mental and emotional stability within the chaos of our modern culture.”













Jacqueline & Roy Abbott




Black Park Portrait & Figure Drawing Group












Tracey Edwards

In 1998 I completed my Batchelor of Education Honour Degree with Art as my main subject and went into teaching. I have been lucky enough to teach and inspire young people to fulfil their ambitions, recently I have been following mine and began to exhibit and sell my paintings.

I was born in Oswestry and l now live just over the Welsh boarder in a rural setting. Growing up, I spent many happy hours helping my Dad on the farm. Drawing and painting has been my lifelong hobby, I have always enjoyed using colour and line to capture animals and nature, I love to capture their movement and power with a massive splash of colour.

I have explored several mediums; I used college for my degree exhibition, and more recently I have used watercolour and oil. I enjoy manipulating paint on the canvas and can often lose track of time becoming engrossed in my work.


David Bannister

Not just about likeness, but the roles we play in our lives.