Clashing Colours with Pete Monaghan

Clashing Colours with Pete Monaghan


Saturday 21st March. 10am to 4pm

Fully Booked

£60 plus students will need to bring materials

In this workshop we will look at ways of moving away from a directly representational painting by mixing and matching colours in unexpected combinations, one way in which to do this is to purposely clash colours.

Exposure to new cultures encourages mixing and matching of colours in unexpected combinations. In interior design we are finding colours that would once have never been seen together co-existing as happy partners; integrating this in to our work will help us to create striking paintings.
Working in acrylic on board or canvas we’ll use simple still life’s as our subject matter and reference magazines and colour wheels to make colour choices.

List of Materials

Pencils -soft e.g.7B.

Brushes, I prefer flat brushes with nylon bristles (2cm up to 10cm wide)

Palette knife or plastic shapers (an old credit card works well).

Plywood Panels (MDF 4mm or Plywood 6mm), or canvas, prepared with Gesso.

If using plywood panels please gesso on both front and back to prevent warping.

No smaller than 40 x 40cm, quantity of 4 minimum.

Acrylic paints -good quality.

For this course we will require a full range of colours. In addition please bring colours that you don’t often use or shy away from using and also unused or discarded colours.

Acrylic gel or modelling paste (for sticking collage).

Crayon -water mixable (CaranD’ache Neocolor II, or similar) or charcoal for drawing.

I will have some available for purchase (£1.50/each).

Craft knife and scissors

Printing roller (Brayer)

Items to collage especially: Old maps, newspapers, cardboard, takeaway coffee cups.