Ben Holder and Stuart Carter-Smith
Saturday 17th June

Ben Holder and Stuart Carter-Smith

Saturday 17th June 2017 : 8pm (doors open 7:00pm)

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Sparks will fly as Ben Holder and Stuart Carter Smith, from Gypsy Fire, step on stage for a high Octane and highly skilled performance.

Ben Holder is one of the most gifted and dynamic young jazz violinists in the UK. Taught classically from the age of six, he studied at the Birmingham Conservatoire. Influenced by Jazz classic masters including Benny Goodman, Oscar Peterson and of course Stephan Grappelli, Joe Venuti and awe inspiring Stuff Smith, Ben embarked on a detailed analysis of their musical techniques. Ben‘s innate sense of swing rhythm (something which often eludes classical players) stems from those early listening sessions and his various awards bear testimony to his abilities. Listeners are in for a treat as Ben and Stuart make the perfect Gypsy Swing duo. Find out more from his reviews and listen to his music.

Stuart Carter-Smith has a well earned reputation as a top class Gypsy Jazz guitarist. Initially studying and performing the classical guitar, he soon fell in love with the music of Django Reinhardt and his post-classical studies took him to work with some of the finest names in that genre both in the UK and overseas. Like many of his contemporaries, Stuart is a consummate improviser and master of pin-point rhythm accuracy. Typical of the genre, Stuart is always searching for new musical challenges and he is constantly developing new techniques and interpretations. He experiments with innovative rhythms and styles of playing, but these are always delivered with the solid underpinning of his first love: the musical style of Django.

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