Autumn Open Exhibition 2018

Autumn Open Exhibition 2018

15th September – 27th October

Meet the Artists : Saturday 22nd September, 11am to 2pm

Outline Art

OutlineArt are a group of professional artists, who live on the borders of Cheshire East and Staffordshire.
Their work covers different styles across a wide range of disciplines, including painting, ceramics, sculpture, photography, stitch, original printmaking and installation.































Gill Crozier & Janie McLeod

Expressive Collage

“I find collage a very direct way of engaging with and changing a 2D surface by using already existing materials. These, combined with painting techniques give me more immediate forms of expression.” – Gill Crozier












Myfanwy Powell – Oil Painting

Myfanwy has always been captivated by horses, having ridden all her life. She regularly competes on her own horse, Rebel, who has also been the subject to many of her paintings. Her love of painting horses comes from the relationships and friendships she’s built with them over the years, and the fascination with their movement and physiology. Myfanwy also hopes her works reflects the incredible bond horses have had with mankind over thousands of years; a bond which continues to this day.











Joanne Frankel – Textiles

After gaining a first-class honours degree in design in 2014, Joanne chose to specialize in textile art combining drawing and painting with hand and machine embroidery.

She takes inspiration from the innate irregularity of patterns found in nature, capturing its unique beauty and unpredictability. Influenced by botanical illustrations united with an exploration of the imagination, Joanne creates distinctive and wonderful representations of art found in nature.













Mari Wyn Lloyd – 3400 Acres – Photography

This is a storytelling project, documenting the farming life in the Valley Cwm Nantcol, Llanbedr. There are five farms in the valley and the total acreage is 3400 which gives me the title for this project. This body of work shows the viewer the current situation for these rural welsh farms.