Art & Craft 2019

Art & Craft 2019
Saturday 26th October – Saturday 11th January

Exhibiting Artists

Nefelibata Photography

The exhibition will include works by Nefelibata Photography – a collective of four photographic artists based on Anglesey,

“We love our local landscape and are constantly inspired by it – and want to show it off to the world!
We like to think of ourselves as artists not simply as photographers because we all do exactly what the word Nefelibata means – we live in the cloudscapes of our imagination, and so we often portray our world in quirky or different ways. We really don’t want to be constrained by the ‘rules’ of classic landscape photography but want to ‘fly free’ and create what we feel as much as what we see”.”

Featuring Photography by

Joan West

Cheryl Hamer

Sharon Eynon

Sian Monument

Shropshire Guild of Contemporary Craft

The Shropshire Guild of Contemporary Craft encourages the finest design ability coupled with the highest quality of
workmanship within its membership, whilst aiming to promote a greater comprehension and appreciation of design-led craftwork
within Shropshire.

Jenny O’Leary

Jenny’s textile art is inspired by traditional craft techniques which she uses in a contemporary individual style. Batik, on paper, tissue paper and fabric, silk painting, collage, machine embroidery,reverse appliqué and felting and Nuno felting are all used sometimes singly sometime in combination to create pieces of work.

Borderland Visual Arts – Affordable Art

There are currently members working in disciplines including painting, textiles, sculpture, photography, woodcarving, glass, pottery and printmaking.

Gill Crozier

“Fundamentally I am drawn to the underlying structure of landscape and of human interaction with it.

I work with landforms from drawings, photographs and memory. Points of departure come from direct experience or from the written word. “

Joanne Dale

Currently I am exploring surface and what lies beneath, I am influenced by both urban and rural landscapes, marks both natural and man-made are a source of inspiration to me. I am also interested by the changing environment and the idea that the past can never be totally erased.

Process is important, I use found fragments of used paper often sewn together to create seams and texture, sketchbook work, objects, and unused drawings, paintings to create a collage onto board. Through concealing and revealing, and adding and subtracting, random and unexpected compositions can slowly reveal themselves. In addition I look for connections, texture and shape that begin to appear on the surface that may develop into an abstract work.

Diana Baur

Diana takes inspiration from many sources, including visual references, and has developed an abstract expressionist style of painting reflecting her character and need to search for the ‘otherness’ or ‘intangible’ in life.

John Bolton

Mo Vyse

I paint various aspects of the landscape, including horizontal and aerial views, which is a result of many years of rock climbing in my former years.

Other Exhibitors

Peter Cassidy

In my artworks I try to represent nature as it is, hopefully capturing the beauty/line and spirit of the scene or object as it presents itself. Working in oil, watercolour, charcoal and other media, I aim to attract the viewer to share and enjoy what I have seen before me in nature.

After leaving the Wallasey School of Arts and Crafts with a diploma in Art and Design I found employment in commercial advertising studios, producing corporate design and advertising for local and national companies. My middle career was concerned with furniture design and production, this activity allowing me to work for short periods in Japan, Greece and Pakistan. I continue to exhibit my work in galleries as I have done over the last 40 years.

Judith Samuel

Judith’s proximity to and love of the natural world informs all her work.  Inspired primarily by colour and form, she paints in oils, sometimes in egg tempera.  Her pieces are finished in her studio in Denbigh, from quick sketches, impressions and notes taken while walking in North Wales, and often on Anglesey.   She has recently repeatedly visited Parys mountain there which she finds a rich source of creativity, but she has also in the last few years visited Senegal, the Canadian Arctic and most recently the Falkland Islands in search of wildlife.

Her influences include the clear colour pallet of Euan Uglo, the directness of Manchester-based artist Geoffrey Keys, and in particular, Kurt Jackson, whose immediate response to his surroundings and dexterity with a range of media are a constant source of inspiration.   Her work has been selected for exhibition at the Oriel Mostyn, Clwyd Theatr Cymru and the Royal Cambrian Academy, Conwy. 

Sue Terrey

In creating work my first love is colour followed closely by texture and mark.   I work with Fibre, Pastel, Oil and Watercolour. Although most of my work is directly influenced by the many sketches I’ve made of the Pumlumon range, Dyfi valley and Cadair Idris I have made a number of pieces based on Birds.

Sometimes these have been representational: “Swallows” created by the flat, wet felt-making process ;  “Sidney the Seagull” a 3-D life-sized Herring Gull wet-felted over a foam core.

However with these Birds (Rising; Cheerfulness & Firebird) I’ve used my love of story and our personal evolution through life.  Firebird is based on a school-trip to a ballet before I was 10. It lay dormant for many years! Cheerfulness & Rising are my responses to regaining joie de vivre following losses.  Both pieces were from a particular point in time and now I concentrate on the Land around me and its ability to heal and inspire.  

Emma Giles

I am based in Wales in a village called Llansantffraid. I find my surrounding countryside, landscape and wildlife a huge inspiration for my work. Much of my work today takes an abstract or quirky approach to the expression of reality, but still capture the spirit and personality of my subjects whether it is a pet portrait or a wildlife illustration and give them a contemporary or quirky twist.